Anonymous asked:
hi there! I saw this line in your bio 'I am a mess stitched together by contradictions" and I sort of really love it and it inspired me to write something, I was wondering if it was ok if I used this line in something I am writing and give you full credit for the line and a mention for inspiration in my post? Thanks in advance X :)

Of course! I’m honored to be included. I hope whatever you’re writing goes well! :) x

Anonymous asked:
You should make a book. A book filled with all your beautiful poetry. I think that your poetry is amazing, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks that. Much love darling.

Thank you so much, darling! Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to~!

Anonymous asked:
So I will drink until I cry amber because maybe then my tears will be worth something

"You told me my scars were “beautiful,” and everyone called it love."

—(220/365) by (DS)

"I’m currently learning how to breathe will all this water in my lungs."

—(219/365) by (DS)

"Note to self: he never felt your sadness, he never endured your pain. It was all you; it was always you."

—(218/365) by (DS)

"I spent so much time
loving you, that I forgot
how to love myself."

—"A Haiku about Mistakes" (217/365) by (DS)

"Note to self: the only way the sadness can drown you, is if you stop fighting."

—(216/365) by (DS)

"You once told me that you never say anything you don’t mean. One month later, you stopped saying: “I love you."

—(215/365) by (DS)

"It took me three years to realize that the monster didn’t have black eyes, fangs, and he wasn’t hiding under my bed. Rather, he had brown eyes, a dazzling smile, and he called me beautiful."

—(214/365) by (DS)
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