I doubt anyone would notice
if fresh scars were to appear
on my pale skin.

I doubt anyone would notice
if I were to curl into myself
and disappear;

if I were to run away into
the darkest places of my mind,
and never return.

I don’t anyone would notice,
so why not?


—(100/365) by (DS)

"There’s more hatred in my veins than blood."

—(99/365) by (DS)

"He once told me
that he only fought
for things that he
thought were
worth it.

It’s been nine months
since he stopped fighting
for me."

—(98/365) by (DS)
3 a.m. thoughts; to the boy who broke me (#6).

"I can feel it deep within my bones.
Something resides within me,
reminding me that it’s almost time
for me to go;
it’s almost time
to say goodbye."

—(97/365) by (DS)

"I’ve never been a smoker,
but that doesn’t stop me from
inhaling just a little deeper
when he takes a drag."

—(96/365) by (DS)


I thought you were going to be
my happily Ever After,
I thought our love was Perfect.
but you ended up
being my Fallout.

You took my Porcelain heart
and Decided To Break It.
Oh, how I wish I kept it
All To Myself.
Beside You,
I felt Alive Again.

I still remember playing
Truth or Dare,
and then you said:
“Lover Dearest,
I Cross My Heart,
and promise you
that I will always be
Good To You.”
Then, you wrapped your
arms around me and
all I could think was:
“wow, there’s
No Place Like Home.”

But now, you don’t
Say Anything,
and I would give everything
just to go back to September,
when I was Beside You.


—"It’s all apart of my Masterpiece Theatre" by (DS)

"I promised you forever,
and I gave you my heart,
but it was never enough."

—(89/365) by (DS)


The darkness swallows me whole,
I feel as though I’m drowning,
and my chest is going to collapse
from the pressure.

My hands still shake,
my bones ache,
and my head is
still spinning.

I don’t know if I’m going to make it,
but I’m still breathing, and
my heart is still beating;

I am alive—
and I am fighting,
and I don’t plan on
stopping any time soon.


—(92/365) by (DS)

"There’s been a hole in my chest ever since you left."

—(95/365) by (DS)
© alphaelenas