"Note to self: Just because he fixed you, doesn’t guarantee he won’t end up breaking you."

—(231/365) by (DS)
Anonymous asked:
I absolutely love your blog/your writing and I was wondering how did you get to where you are follower-wise?

Thank you, wonderful!

Honestly, there isn’t a secret. I just posted consistently, and tagged all my posts properly. Over time, my notes and followers accumulated. Most importantly, I kept posting for myself. I never wrote for anyone else but me, and I never will. Hope that helped. Good luck! 

"I looked into his eyes, and all I saw was your smile."

—(230/365) by (DS)
Anonymous asked:
I just want to tell you that your poems mean the world to me

And this means the world to me! Thank you, sweetie!

Anonymous asked:
Your blog is so amazing, I can relate to your quotes so much

Thank you so much, dear!

"I’m terrified that I’ll never find a place to call home."

—(229/365) by (DS)

"You were my “once upon a time,” but I wasn’t you “happily ever after."

—(228/365) by (DS)

"I’m a drinker,
not a talker."

—(227/365) by (DS)

"Note to self: he wasn’t the one, he was an illusion."

—(226/365) by (DS)

"Note to self: you have to make your own sunshine."

—(225/365) by (DS)
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